Welcome to a whole new blog experience!

But you’re going to tell me now there are already so many book blogs out there, so why am I saying that this blog is a new experience? I just had this idea of how to get more books to be visible and the blog was conceived. I get my own ideas for possible books to read from my Twitter feed AND often see services where they will retweet a book and usually it will cost money and there will be all sorts of caveats attached to them listing your book.

My ONLY caveats are: follow me on Twitter (@nmlromer is my handle) and then YOU tag me in your Tweet listing your book (this is as simple as including @nmlromer in the Tweet you’re tweeting to your followers (it means I’ll DISCOVER your book even if I don’t follow you on Twitter. I will list TWENTY BOOKS every Monday from the previous week’s Tweets I’ve spotted in my feed or in Notifications from Tweets I was tagged in. The books I’ll include in the ‘Epid Books’ list can be of any genre and I’ll select the books for the list entirely based on whether the blurb makes the book sound like something I’d read…

There will be NO reviews of a book here because I don’t think readers need to be swayed towards the books they WANT to read. The premise is simple. I list your book title, your author name, the genre of your book, a link to Amazon.com to purchase the book. I will compile a list that’s a mix of books spotted from my Twitter feed as well as books I get tagged in.

See bottom right of this page what the criteria are – the number ONE criteria is: Follow me on Twitter. That’s the only “payment” for possible inclusion I ask for. Also…DO NOT DM me with requests for inclusion as they will be ignored. The books selected MUST either appear in my Twitter feed from authors I already follow OR from tweets where I have been TAGGED in the tweet about the book.

You can follow me on Twitter here: http://www.twitter.com/nmlromer which is the official Twitter handle of the author Nathalie M.L. Römer who owns and operates this blog website. The Epic Books list is posted on Monday afternoons at around 4 PM CEST (that’s the timezone for Sweden).

Books are a passion for me as an author and that was the driving force behind beginning this blog site. The FIRST post will appear here on Monday 5 August 2019 so get yourself following my Twitter feed and you can start tagging me already in book Tweets. Yes, the tweet MUST be one listing a book. No tweets about your pet, about your second cousin’s best friend’s wedding, or your grandmother’s homecooked meal (unless, of course, you’ve written a book about her cooking!).

Finally, follow this blog to keep track of the ‘Epic Reads’ lists as they’re posted. Feel free to REBLOG the post but at the bottom of each blog post there will be a short copyright notice that you must leave in place when reblogging. I hope this blog will introduce you to many new and interesting books to read. Also, feel free to tweet each ‘Epic Reads’ list as they appear to broaden awareness of this site. In the future I’ll plan to have a special badge you can place on your own blog site (together with linking instructions) so you can show off you’ve had one or more of your books featured here.

Happy Reading!